Top Things About Bahraini Culture You Should Know Before Moving In

Have ever imagined yourself working and living in Bahrain? Do you have plans to migrate and considering Bahrain as your top choice? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place because we are about to introduce the culture-related things you should know before moving in. Read the rest of this article to learn more.

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Bahrain is one of the best countries in the Middle East and it is actually a place where most expats reside. If you are accounting this country as a place where you can live and work in the future, first you must learn about the major parts of its culture that could shock you if you opt not to know them. The first smart move you can do as an expat is to do a background check before you move into another country. Here are the top things about Bahraini culture you should be aware of.

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Notes on Bahraini Culture

  • Bahrain is an Islamic country so expect to encounter more Muslims as you migrate

The Middle East is the hometown of Muslims. When you migrate, you should expect to see more Muslims coming your way. Instead of avoiding people from different religion and culture, you should embrace the change. This should be the number one culture-related stuff you must know before you decide to move into this country.

  • Strangers don’t talk to each other

If you grew up in a country where it is fine to talk to the people whom you just bump into, you can’t take that habit with you if you’re planning to move to Bahrain. If you are a male, you should avoid having conversations with a Muslim woman in public. This will cause you troubles so better know the rules!

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  • Women dress up properly

Although the dress code in Bahrain is not as strict as those of other Islamic countries, women dress up appropriately in this country. You should not wear your clothing to expose the sensitive parts of your body, especially in public places. This is also a way of paying respect to the culture of the country since every Bahraini woman is complying with the tradition.

  • Keep your kids safe at all times

You must educate your kids with the possible dangers around them. Do not let them talk to male strangers as they might crash into a pedophile walking around. The country is a safe place to live but take extra precautions.

  • Have a regular culture tour

There is no better way to learn the culture of Bahrain but to experience it yourself. You should expect that there is a big difference if you migrate. You can prepare yourself and set a regular schedule for your culture tour. Always remember to respect Bahrain’s culture and tradition so they will reciprocate.

These are the major key points you have to know so far. Apart from these things, you should be able to learn the dos and don’ts and labor laws as well. Raise awareness by sharing this to your family and friends!

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