Guide to Getting Married in Oman

If you are an expat planning to get married in Oman, you should at least understand what it takes to successfully marry the love of your life in this country. Regardless of your religion, there is a proper ceremony for you! To know more about different types of marriages you can do here continue on the rest of the article.

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Some expats go back to their home country to have the marriage ceremony they always dreamed of, while some celebrate here in Oman, you will find it uncommon that foreign national chooses to marry here, because of the restrictions, one example is that you can’t have your marriage in the wrong venue. To guide you on your way to formal marriage, here’s what you need to expect.

Man and Woman Wedding

Marriage for Christians

  • If you are a Christian, this type of marriage is for you. In order to initiate your marriage ceremony, ensure that you are both residents Oman.
  • You must provide your passport and visa. This applies to both the bride and groom.
  • You are both required to show your marital status, possibly in the form of letter from your embassy.
  • If one of you are widowed or divorced, you need to provide proof or document.
  • You need to have four witnesses for each bride and groom who should be present during the ceremony.
  • You also need your original baptism certificate as proof of your religion.
  • You must provide a No Objection Certificate from your priest to verify that you haven’t married in any other churches before.
  • After your marriage ceremony is done, you need to bring your marriage certificate to be attested to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Your declaration of intent to marry will be posted on the public notice board of the church so that whoever objects to your wedding can come forward.

Marriage for Muslims

  • If you are both Muslims, you can simply apply at Sharia Court to get married.
  • You need to bring copies of your passport and the original one.
  • You need to have at least 2 witnesses for each.
  • If you consider applying, take note that the marriage will happen in an instant.

Marriage for Hindus

  • If you are a Hindu, you need to get married in either the Indian embassy, Shiva Temple, and Darsait Temple.
  • Cooperate with your Indian embassy to learn more about the process.

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How To Register Your Marriage

  • After getting married, register your marriage at the Department of Notary Public located in Al Khuwayr within 30 days.
  • Bring your notice of marriage from the Ministry of Justice and your approval letter from the Ministry of Interior (this is only applicable to Omanis marrying a foreign national).
  • Complete an application form.

Marrying your loved one can take a lot of paperwork. Nevertheless, it’s always worth the process. If you don’t have a religion and you want to proceed with your marriage here in Oman, you can go to your embassy and let them do the ceremony as there is no civil wedding in this country.

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