Rules for Women Working in Saudi Arabia

We’ve known Saudi Arabia because of its strictness when it comes to dress code, traffic, and almost everything about compliance and laws. If you don’t have an idea about Saudi Arabia yet, one basic thing you need to know is that it is an Islamic and disciplined country. Compliance is a must, especially for expats.

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Women have different rules when working alongside men. It may not be vital to other countries but for Saudi Arabia, this is a provision that you need to watch out. For women expats who are planning to work or currently employed in Saudi, here is the list of rules when you are at your workplace.

Islamic Women

Rules for Woman Employees

  • Women should only work until 6:00 PM in industrial areas and be provided with decent clothing.
  • There should a place in the workplace where women can rest and pray.
  • A woman can work on the night shift provided there is more than one woman and there should be a place reserved for them to work. If none of these are met, they should not be asked to work.
  • Women can also work on the night shift if they have high positions – like managerial and leadership positions.
  • Workplaces should have separate toilets and work stations for women employees.

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The Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi has come up with these rules to improve the working standards and make it more appealing to women. It’s really a good thing that there is a safer place for women in Saudi Arabia. So, if you are still skeptical about how you are going to work in this country as an expat woman, the rules and provisions are your allies.


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