Everything You Need To Know About Expat Green Card in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, there is this so-called Green Card which you can get even if you are an expat in the kingdom. It is given especially to foreigners with great contribution to the economy of the country and if you think you are one of them, you can actually apply for your own and enjoy special privileges.

Green Card is something that gives you distinctive rights and privileges from the normal expat visa. In the United States of America, the Green Card serves as an identification that the holder can live and work permanently in the states. It allows foreigners to live and work there as long as they want. This indication somehow applies to the Green Card in Saudi Arabia but of course, with little variations as to the terms and conditions of owning the card. Here’s what you need to know about Expat Green Card in Saudi.

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How To Qualify For Saudi Green Card?

  • First, you must be a foreign investor. You can get the green card through investment.
  • Second, you must be an expat who is highly qualified in your field.

What Are The Benefits For Having A Green Card?

  • It allows expats to continue investing in the kingdom.
  • It allows Muslims and Arabs to stay in Saudi Arabia for as long as they want.
  • It will possibly help to abolish the Muqeem system in Saudi Arabia.
  • It will possibly help end the Kafala system in the kingdom.
  • It allows expats to buy their own real property, firms, industry, and trade in the country.
  • It allows holders to transfer jobs easily without getting restricted to some conditions.
  • It allows holders to process their family visa and exit/re-entry visa without looking for a
  • qualified sponsor.
  • It permits holders to have their permanent residence in the country.
  • Holders will become sponsors of themselves, thus, they are allowed to run their own company in their names.
  • Holders are entitled to various privileges that allow them to earn points so they can apply for Saudi Nationality.
  • Holders can apply for visas in a short period of time.
  • There will be a monthly pension for those retired expats with green cards, just like the Saudi citizens.
  • Holders can get visas for getting their personal domestic helpers.
  • Holders can own up to 3 vehicles in their own names.
  • Holders can avail of free access to government hospitals and educational services.

The only downside of having a green card is that you have to pay for an annual fee of SR 14,200, Zakat (a form of tithe which is 2.5% flat rate), value-added taxes, and insurance premiums. These payments cannot be compared to the benefits and privileges you are about to get for being a holder of the card. Imagine the life you can get in Saudi for owning this green card. You will for sure experience less hassle and inconvenience since you will live like a Saudi citizen. If you have friends or families in Saudi whom you think can avail this advantage, share this article to them!

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